Key milestones until February 2024

Literature Review

October 2022 – January 2023

To develop a mapping framework, benchmark and identify ‘good practice’ and current monitoring indicators.


December 2022- February 2023

Populated by public health authorities to further map current methodologies used to monitor vaccine programmes in each Member State.


February - April 2023

With public health authorities, programme implementers and other experts to understand the experience of applying the various methodologies in a different context.

Case Studies

April - July 2023

A deeper dive into the literature and more rigorous gathering of supporting evidence for enablers, barriers and the impact of different contexts.

Sense-making exercise

20th June 2023

A review of the collected data by selected key stakeholders and preliminary recommendations forming.

Preliminary study results

28 August 2023

A review of the preliminary study results by stakeholders and conference participants.

High-level conference 

28 September 2023

A one-day hybrid conference in Brussels for public health authorities from all Member States and other experts to further develop a set of recommendations. 

Final study results

November 2023 - February 2024

Finalised study results (set of recommendations) in November 2023. Dissemination of recommendations in all official EU languages to all Member States in early 2024.